St. Peter & St. Thomas Anglican Church

St. Peter & St. Thomas Anglican Church, Weymouth North, NSSunday Services 9.30 am

5 Fort Point Rd, Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0

Church Council meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month from May through November


Organist: Laurie Faulkner


Construction Date(s)
1879/01/01 to 1879/12/31
Listed on the Canadian Register: 2004/08/06

Description of Historic Place
Located in Weymouth North, Saint Peter’s Anglican Church has steeply pitched rooflines, large decorative Gothic windows and many Gothic Revival elements. It is situated on a hill overlooking the Sissiboo River. Both the church and surrounding property are included in the municipal designation.

Heritage Value
The heritage value of Saint Peter’s Church is associated with its age, history and ties to the community. It is also valued for its association with Rev. James Phillip Filleul, during whose rectorship it was constructed. Rev. Filleul was a key figure in the Anglican faith of this area. Four Anglican churches were built in the Weymouth area during his forty year rectorship (1852-1892).
The church stands on the site of the original Saint Peter’s Anglican Church that was built in 1792 on lands donated by of the Loyalist, and notorious, Colonel James Moody, who faught in the American Revolution. Col. Moody’s remains are buried in the cemetery that surrounds the church. The original church became too small and the present structure was built in 1879.
Source: Built Heritage Inventory, Office of the Municipality of the District of Digby

Character-Defining Elements
The exterior character-defining elements of Saint Peter’s Anglican Church include:

  • original form and massing;
  • steeply pitched rooflines;
  • large triangular hood adorned by a cross above the door;
  • Gothic windows;
  • cemetery consisting of a variety of headstones.

Provincial Historical Designation