St. Matthews Anglican Church

St. Matthews Anglican Church, Weymouth Falls, NS
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5 Fort Point Road
Weymouth Falls, NS B0W 3T0



History of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
October 2007
By Austin Price

The Weymouth Falls Community Church Guild purchased St. Matthew’s Anglican Church from a Yarmouth congregation in 1902.

To move the church from Yarmouth to Weymouth Falls, the building was split into two sections and transported by train flatbed. Once in Weymouth, the members of the community used oxen sleds to pull sections of the building to Weymouth Falls. When it reached its current location, the sections were re-assembled using wooden pegs in lieu of nails.

Renovations were made to the church in 1961 to accommodate a growing congregation. The bell tower was moved from the eastern side of the building to the western side and the western section was extended.

St. Matthew’s is a member of the amalgamated unit of the parish of Digby-Weymouth. It is also part of the Diocese of Nova Scotia. St. Matthew’s remains an integral part of this community and is unique in that it is the only Anglican Church in Canada to have an all black congregation.