Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity, Sandy Cove, NS321 Sandy Cove Road, Sandy Cove, NS

11:00 am every Sunday
from June to the end of September.
Guest clergy are invited throughout the summer.

Visiting Priests 2018


The Church of the Nativity in Sandy Cove was consecrated in 1844 by John Inglis, the first Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia. Nativity has served the Village of Sandy Cove and its environs continuously since that time. Even today, there are services held regularly during the summer months. Truly, the Church of the Nativity is not your ordinary country church; it is a vibrant part of summer life in Sandy Cove.

As with any old building, upkeep is a large and continuing expense. For example, in early May of 2012 it was discovered that one of the corner posts holding up the belfry was badly rotted and needed to be replaced, along with many other boards. The work was done over a period of about four weeks in May and June. The cost for labour, materials and HST was in excess of $10,000. But for a large donation to cover the cost of the materials , we would have been unable to pay the bills. We have received a grant from the Nova Scotia Government, but this is for less than ten percent of what we have spent.

In addition, the Rectory is badly in need of a coat of paint and part of the roof needs to be redone. This was to be done in 2012, but had to be put off indefintely in order to pay for the repairs to the belfry.

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